1st Conference "Innovations in the Automotive Interiors", 13.09.2018

1st Conference "Innovations in the Automotive Interiors", 13.09.2018

On 13.09.2018 the first conference “Innovations inthe Automotive Interiors” will take place within the scope of the ZIM cooperation network “FOresIght – Functional Integration and New Surfaces for the Automotive Interiors of the Future” at the Maritim Hotel Mannheim. A goal of the conference is the cross-linking of participants along the entire supply and creation of value chain, the technology transfer between research and economics as well as the discussion and the exchange of the participants among themselves.

Future innovations need new qualities of trend implementation, intensive examination of future requirements, up to the development of new, innovative production networks. These innovation lines will be taken up by the network and reflected with various groups of participants in order to flow into R&D projects.

Topics of the conference:

Light and lighting elements in vehicle interiors
Touch sensors in vehicle interior surfaces
Functional surfaces in the vehicle interior
Hybrid material systems in vehicle interiors
Socio-technology and social trends in automotive interiors



Agenda 1st Conference Automotive Interior

Registrations with contact details and

Please send your invoice address to:

Linda Claßen, lc@zenit.de, +49 208-300 04-85

Participation fee: 120,00 € plus VAT.


Since the end of 2017, ZENIT GmbH has headed the cooperation network “FOresIght – functional integration and new surfaces for the automotive interior of the future” in the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM), in which SMEs, R&D institutions and other partners work together, under the slogan “Promoting innovation, generating growth”.

The aim of the network is to develop innovations for the car interior of the future in the technology areas of surfaces, functional surfaces, real material back-injection (e.g. of wood, glass, stone, metal), (printed) electronics, lighting (LEDs, OLEDs, EEL), design, digitisation, tool and mould making and to put them to economic use.

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