Review: 1st Conference on "Innovations in the Automotive Interiors"

Review: 1st Conference on "Innovations in the Automotive Interiors"

On 13 September 2018, the 1st conference “Innovations in the Automotive Interiors” took place in Mannheim. Around 60 participants from the automotive industry along the entire value-added chain as well as related technology areas and cross-sectional industries discussed future innovations in automotive interiors with the FOresIght network partners.


  • Technological innovations: Which technologies will gain relevance in the future?
  • Context of the innovation: Which role do socio-technical change and cooperative approaches play?
  • FOresIght: How does design influence the future automotive interior?

In order to differentiate itself from other conferences, the focus of the event was on the R&D activities of companies and higher education institutions. Dr. Michael Haverkamp of the Ford-Werke GmbH, opened the meeting with its lecture over the bases of the optimization of multifunctional surfaces for all senses. Afterwards Dr.-Ing. Philipp Steinert from the Technical University Chemnitz talked about design methods and production technologies for innovative surfaces as well as Dipl.-Ing. Christian Götze from Georg Kaufmann Formenbau AG about the reduction of production costs by shifting processing steps into the injection mould.

Hagen Tschorn from canto Ing. GmbH reported on the status and opportunities of 3D printing in individualisation and lighting technologies in series production. Dr. Stephan Kirchmeyer from COPT ZENTRUM for Organic Electronics explained to the participants the advantages of smart-in-mold electronics and how they can be used in automotive interiors in the future.

The second block was dedicated to socio-technical change and the use of cooperation to promote innovation in networks. Prof. Dr. Guido Möllering from the University of Witten-Herdecke reported on the basic questions of the management of innovation cooperations and why cooperations make sense in uncertain times.   The cooperative approaches were supplemented by Dr. Jaqueline Lemm from RWTH Aachen University, who provided information on the use of socio-technical change in the automotive industry and its effects on products and processes.

In the third block, Holger Bramsiepe from GENERATIONDESIGN GmbH reported on design competence in innovation and the use of design as a differentiation from classic strategy concepts.

The 2nd conference “Innovations in Automotive Interiors” will take place on September 12, 2019. The location has not yet been determined.


Photo: Linda Claßen, ZENIT GmbH (Lecture: Dr. Konrad Kiefer, Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid)