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ZIM Cooperation Network

FOresIght: Cooperation network function integration and new surfaces for the automotive interior of the future

Innovations for the future

An aim of the cooperation network FOresIght is it to develop innovations for the automotive interior in the technology fields surfaces/ functional surfaces, lighting, design or digitization and to develop them economically valuable.

In particular small and middle enterprises (SME) are to be brought together with the competences of R&D institutes, as well as with important participants of the market along the entire creation of value chain.

The aim of joining the FOresIght network is to test new sensor concepts in industry-related or industrial applications. The core of the current chair activities is the scientific research and evaluation of electronic components, especially circuits and sensors. In R&D projects, the RUB can apply these competences and expand its network”.


Dr.-Ing. Christoph Baer
Chair of Electronic Circuit Technology, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Chair of Electronic Circuit Technology