COPT Center for Organic Electronics

COPT Center for Organic Electronics

The COPT Center at the University of Cologne is the central institute for organic electronics in North Rhine-Westphalia at the interface of science and industry. It is one of the three centers for organic electronics in Germany. The COPT Center especially supports small and medium-sized enterprises in researching and adopting future technologies in the field of organic electronics. The COPT Center is supported by funds from the state of NRW within the framework of the CONCEPT funding project.

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For the COPT Center, FOresIght is an important network in which we find the right partners for the implementation of our concepts. In the network we bring in our competences of the organic electronics, in particular the sensor technology and optical systems. Through the exchange with the network partners we get the chance to identify future trends at an early stage.”

Dr. Stephan Kirchmeyer

COPT ZENTRUM for Organic Electronics