RWTH Aachen University, Chair of Sociology of Technology and Organization

RWTH Aachen University, Chair of Sociology of Technology and Organization

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Our Vision

The vision of the Chair of Sociology of Technology and Organization is that technical and organizational sociological expertise should at least as equally flow into the development of technical innovations or into the process of organizational change as engineering and economic knowledge and skills. This vision is based on the conviction that technical and organisational innovations always go hand in hand with social, societal and cultural innovations – in close interaction with one another.

Our Mission

From this vision the mission for research is derived from the fact that in interdisciplinary projects, among other things with engineers and computer scientists, sociological expertise is preferably brought into early phases of the development of technical innovations and organisational change; and this because sustainable and resilient socio-technical innovations only succeed if social change processes are co-designed at an early stage by researching the manifold interactions between technical, organisational and social processes at a time when they can still be shaped.

Our key themes

At the centre of our research approach is the question of how heterogeneous processes – such as technical, social and human – can be coupled into socio-technical structures at different levels of social aggregation (micro – meso – macro). Network research plays a key role here and is profitably linked with other research methods.

Our main research areas

Our research focuses are reflected in ongoing and completed research projects:

  • Datafication /Digitization
  • Resilience / Sustainability
  • Energy / Materials


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Through the FOresIght network, the STO can place socio-technical topics, questions and methods directly in industry and expand its own network to ensure a sustainable innovation policy and strategy. The network entry was already worthwhile at the beginning, since co-operation and concrete project ideas with the industry in an early stage could be initiated.”

Prof. Dr. Roger Häußling
Head of the Department of Sociology with a focus on Sociology of Technology and Organization

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