New Industries

New Industries

Energy sector

The energy sector is in a state of radical change. Whether energy transition, regulatory requirements or digitisation: the industry is facing new challenges. Innovative technologies, such as Blockchain, are driving forward the restructuring of the energy industry and shifting existing industry boundaries. Energy producers and suppliers must therefore enter into more innovative cooperations with cross-cutting sectors.

Health Industry

Demographic change in the industrialized countries and growth in the emerging markets will increase demand for products and services in the healthcare sector worldwide. Significant increases in efficiency and quality are to be expected in the coming years within the framework of the digitalization of the healthcare industry, particularly in cross-sector care. Small and medium-sized companies as well as large international companies produce, do research and further development in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical technology and life sciences. The companies cooperate in the field of research and development with the numerous universities and research institutions in the Germany. FOresIght is also intended to penetrate this industry.

Nano Technolgies

Due to its apparently unlimited possibilities, nanotechnology is a key technology of the 21st century. In recent years, nanotechnologies have already shown that they have great influence in the industry and they will continue to revolutionize many areas in the future. They have great potential and will certainly play an even greater role in the future.

Textile Industry

The textile industry has developed into an interdisciplinary high-tech industry. As a cross-sectional technology, it also opens up future options for other industries. The development of technical textiles is oriented towards the global megatrends of the future such as resource efficiency, health and climate protection. Research, development and investments have made German manufacturers of technical textiles world market leaders.

New materials

New materials offer new possibilities from improved medical care to environmentally friendly automobiles, through the introduction of electric mobility. Materials research does not only increases the competitiveness of the German industry, but also provides impulses for a sustainable economy and contributes to a better quality of life and prosperity in society.


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